Every piece of stone build in, is carefully chosen and unique, as i do not alter their natural shape, and with that making each piece truly one of a kind. Perhaps each stone as a center piece resembles not just an object of beauty, but also the spirit of the whole piece and my spiritual interpretation of it, with that, a truly unique meaning.

Materials such as precious and semi precious stones, zirconium, diamonds,shells,coral,gold, silver, gold plated silver, copper and finest woods found in nature are only good enough to complement the individual beauty of each free size stone. Each clasp is carefully designed to fit the overall look of the piece, and in many cases also unique, with that, contributing even more to each piece of jewelery it is destined for. All that love, care and meticulous thought for each piece, i sincerely hope has created something truly breath taking, so that each piece stands out on its own and is set apart... 

With this standard for sheer excellence, i strive to be true to my self, my spirit, my nature, but more importantly true to my clients.


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