ABALONE:  source of fertility and protection

AFRICAN JADE:  enhances expressiveness, intelligence, and perception

AGATES:  all foster love; create an appreciation of nature; soothe emotions

Black agate- relieves stress, gives protection and increases courage

Blue agate- provides perceptiveness to situations and awakens inner talents

Blue lace agate – enhances grace and lightheartedness; believed to create hope, harmony, optimism, positive thinking, smoothes energy flows; especially valued for its ability to calm the mind in a manner which causes us to expand our perspective from our hearts

Botswana agate – sustains attentiveness to detail

Fire agate- helps with ambivalence and lethargy due to depression

Golden lace agate – lifts depression; increases friendliness and happiness

Green agate – enhances forthrightness and decisiveness; also enhances memory

Moss agate – represents the sweetness of the earth within us; called the gardeners’ stone; increases compatibility, healing, rain, restoration, fertility of plants, protection of the earth, creativity, confidence, strength; helpful when starting new friendships or when seeking a compatible lover; helps us communicate directly with plants and animals; the Mother Earth stone

Old Crazy Lace agate- enables one to laugh and to see the “games” of the world

Tree agate – good for introspection; relieves tension; brings plentiful crops

White agate – relieves stress, gives protection, increases courage

ALEXANDRITE:  strengthens sense of self and coming to terms with suffering

AMAZONITE:  “writers’ stone”, enhances communication; increases sense of  compassion; great stone for creative people;  improves sense of worth; bestows truth, integrity, and honor to the wearer; soothes tense emotion; lessens self-defeating behavior   

AMBER:  lifts burdens; encourages laughter and sense of humor; activates unconditional love; brings romantic love, purification, wisdom, energy and balance; enhances patience; symbolizes success

AMETHYST:  sincerity; creates peace of mind, intuition and sensitivity; represents power to control evil thoughts; controls drunkenness and tendency for over indulgence; unifies all life; brings forth trust in inner truths; decreases defensiveness and promotes emotional integration; associated with increased nobility, spiritual awareness, meditation, balance, psychic ability, inner peace, mind quieting, healing and positive transformations

AMETRINE:  aids meditation, relives tension, disperses negativity, eliminates prejudice; greatly enhances concentration as well as intuition; symbolizes growth; it promotes maturity and encourages a more confident attitude toward life; it is said to have a soothing effect on the soul and creates inner harmony in the wearer; it influences the needs and wishes of the individual and helps resolve inner contradictions

APATITE:  “stone of the future”; clears mental confusion; fights viral infection; good communication stone; enhances intellect, focus, learning, clarity of concentration and ideas; fosters unconditional love

AQUAMARINE:  “stone of courage”; also, “sailors’ gem” ensuring safe passage across stormy waters; said to awaken the love of married couples; treats disorders of the eyes and lungs; good when experiencing grief; releases anxiety, fear, and restlessness

ARAGONITE:  nurturing stone; lifts feelings; fosters truth, stability, understanding, clear perception

AVENTURINE:  success through endeavor; believed to increase one’s luck and to create opportunities; brings joy; (green) promotes leadership abilities; (red) creates a safe space to release feelings; this stone was popular during the Renaissance; enhances creativity and the ability to see possibilities; lessens negativity and brings prosperity; (peach) helps with decision making; helps boost creativity

AZURITE/MALACHITE:  promotes flexibility in thought and action

BLACK ONYX:  banishes grief; stimulates wise decision making; encourages happiness and good fortune; good for will power as it helps to change bad habits

CARNELIAN:  protects against envy, fear, and rage; “stills the blood, calms the temper” banishes sorrow assists one in finding the right mate; calms fears about death; brings acceptance and serenity; (orange) helps wearer become optimistic; (yellow) helps wearer focus positive energies; good for motivation; lucky  stone

CAT’S EYE QUARTZ: believed to foster serenity, peace, perspective discernment

CHALCEDONY:  symbolizes calmness and composure; offers confidence       

CHAROITE:  symbol for universal brotherhood; also releases anger, guilt, and regret

CHINESE WRITING STONE: brings validation to plans and ability to execute the smoothly

CHRYSANTHEMUM STONE:  dispels self-righteousness

CHRYSOCOLLA:  relieves stress; promotes self-initiative; a release for those overly concerned with material goods or wealth; promotes wisdom in speech; improves physical strength and endurance; teaches one when to speak and when to remain silent; gives inner strength in getting through stressful situations

CHRYSOPRASE:  promotes presence of mind (most valuable of chalcedony); strengthens friendships; mends broken hearts; removes inferiority and superiority complexes; protective toward children, young animals and seedlings; spiritual protector; helps see clearly into personal problems         

CITRINE:  attracts wealth; blends energies for strength and protection; good for memory; useful in stimulating one’s mental capacities; strengthens self-confidence; very helpful in assisting, acquiring, and maintaining wealth; gives emotional control while making one more alert

CORAL:  protection stone for children; represents continuity and structure; strengthens emotional foundation; guards against violence, accidents, theft; calms emotions and restores harmony

CRYSTALS:  attract positive energies

DIAMOND:  “stone of purity”; encourages honesty with self and with others; for warriors it promoted bravery

DIOPTASE:  aids wearer in accepting who she is

DUMORTIERITE: enhances organizational abilities, self-discipline and orderliness; encourages one to see and to accept reality

EMERALD:  “stone of hope”; treats eye problems; strong healing stone; enhances memory; increases awareness of the beauty around us; will assist in meeting our emotional needs; most precious of the beryl group

FIRE OPAL: helps let go of anger; stone of inspiration enhancing imagination and creativity; helps release inhibitions and enhances memory

FLUORITE:  heals emotions; hormone balancer; helps grasp abstract concepts; (golden rainbow) enhances intuition, creativity, concentration, and one’s sense of order; helps release negative thoughts and protects against them; (lavender) increases spiritual balance and mystic visions, well being, serenity, and peace

FOSSIL:  promotes grounding, serenity, peaceful aging, inner strength, and endurance

GARNET: (pyrope)  “stone of constancy”; “stone of commitment”; “stone of health”; provides  sense of  rootedness; stops bloodshed among enemies; in the Victorian era it was the stone of passionate love and fidelity ruling all emotions and passions of the heart; stone of devotion both to self and to others; inspires romantic love, passion, sensuality, sexuality, intimacy, positive thoughts, inspiration, career success, popularity and self confidence; (grossuralite) purifies all body systems (especially liver and heart); exchanged between friends to insure they will meet again; (hessonite) stone of creativity; (rhodolite) facilitates meditation, enhances intuition, inspires love; (spessartite) be content with our home and put down roots; strengthens will power; increases self esteem and popularity

GOLDSTONE:  illuminates the spirit

GREEN JADE:  very lucky stone; instills resourcefulness

GREEN ONYX:  fosters achievement

HEMATITE:  “stone for the mind”; grounding; reduces stress; balances mood swings; its power is in happiness

HONEY JADE:  sacred stone; provides emotional balance

HOWLITE:  helpful to those who procrastinate; eliminates rudeness, anger, critical and offensive behavior; encourages tact and decency; enables wearer to feel comfortable in social situations; enhances memory; helps express emotion calmly

IOLITE:  also called cordierite and “water sapphire”; aids in resolving conflict; eliminates debt; facilitates responsibility; aids intuition; helps wearer to remember and to increase dreams; stone of power; enhances leadership, power, inner strength, and self confidence

JADE:  “stone of magic”; used for clear judgment and focus; associated with life and healing; connects body and spirit; brings prosperity; produces longevity, fertility, serenity, wisdom, balance, moderation, stability; (black) protection from negativity; fosters wise use of power;(golden) helps with understanding and empathy

JADEITE (BURMESE): same as jade but rarer especially white, yellow, and blackJASPER:  “stone of harmony”

Autumn jasper:  protects against negative energy; strengthening stone

Brecciated jasper:  “stone of remembrance”; gives a positive outlook; enhances organizational skills, relaxation, a sense of wholeness; encourages attunement and communication with animals; brings happiness, creates a good outlook on life and eases stress

Dalmation jasper:  increases patience, removes disillusionment; increases loyalty to ones partner; beneficial to long term relationships

Fancy jasper:  “stone of  practicality”; nurturing stone;  helps us cease over analyzing; increases enjoyment of life; stone of relaxation and gentleness

Leopard skin: “stone of nurturing”; gives what one needs not what one wants; stone of St. Francis; protects during travel; makes it easier to accept responsibility

Ocean jasper: promotes balance of physical, intellectual and emotional bodies

Picture jasper:  “stone of global awareness”; promotes brotherhood; stimulates the immune system

Red jasper:  reduces guilt; brings consolation; removes fear of future; helps balance unfair situations; helps remember dreams

JET:  “stone of mourning”; also called “black amber”; encourages acceptance of change

LABRADORITE:  attracts strength and perseverance; provides clarity and insight into ones destiny; useful in recalling dreams and using dreams in daily life; valued as a connection on the path to love

LAPIS LAZULI:  “stone of royalty”; augments strength, vitality, and mental clarity; considered to be a good friendship stone; invokes wisdom

LARIMAR:  builds confidence

MAHOGANY OBSIDIAN:  “warriors’ stone”; provides continuity and decision making; also called the mirror stone because it reflects ones shortcomings that are dealt with then let go; provides strength in time of need; promotes a forgiving attitude and releases grievances

MALACHITE: “stone of transformation”; facilitates spirituality; healing stone; brings harmony; encourages true, pure love; counteracts self destructive romantic tendencies; its green color indicates restoration of life  

MOONSTONE:  “traveler’s stone; protects against perils of travel; balances yin and yang deepens feelings of joy and peace in our homes; helps with calm responses, avoids overreaction; enhances femininity, intuition, and psychic ability; (rainbow) clears and brings in uplifting energies; has the power to grant riches

MOTHER OF PEARL:  “stone of good fortune”; traditionally signifies faith, charity and innocence; enhances personal integrity; inhibits boisterous behavior

OBSIDIAN:  integrates mental balance; also assists in physical balance (also see mahogany and snowflake obsidian)

ONYX:  dispels grief; enhances self-control; stimulates wise decision making; repels negativity of others keeping oneself from harm; helps with rational thinking; overcomes loneliness, alienation, and adds comfort in unfamiliar surroundings

OPAL:  used to invoke visions and dreams; protects against disease

OPAL (fire): stone of inspiration; releases inhibitions; enhances memory

PAUA SHELL:  stimulates creativity and imagination

PEARL:  “stone of health”; brings inner peace; represents innocence and purity; enhances endurance and emotional stability; benefits the lungs

PERIDOT:  “stone of friendship”; stone will stay intact as long as friendship lasts; Brings joy; helps a bruised ego; lessens anger and prevents jealousy; Helps find happiness within one’s self

PEITERSITE:  provides physical protection particularly for the eyes; enables wearer to explore self emotionally; helps in working with angels, experiencing visions and precognition

PYRITE:  revitalizing stone

QUARTZ (clear):  “stone of power”; dispels anxiety; stimulates brain function; aids clarity of mind; very powerful healer

RHODOCHROSITE:  “stone of love and balance”; helps with change; balances yin and yang

RHODONITE:  “stone of love”; dispels anxiety; gives emotional support; sees others as worthy of love; gives a generous spirit; helps wearer remain stable when in love

RHYOLITE:  this stone is a complex jasper and has the same powers of protection

RIVERSTONE: stone of freedom because it helps carry heavy burdens; reminds us to go with the flow instead of swimming against the current; it helps prevent polluting minds with worry and fear

ROCK QUARTZ:  harmony and balance stone; its power is in self-esteem

ROSE QUARTZ:  “stone of gentle love”; heals a broken heart; good in a crisis; restores  youthful qualities; enables wearer to appreciate inner and innate beauty; enjoys experience of each new day

RUBY:  “stone of passion”; brings vitality, wealth, and wisdom to wearer; builds confidence by strengthening wisdom

RUTILATED QUARTZ:  releases troubled thoughts and feelings; tension releaser

SAPPHIRE: “stone of faithfulness”; also known as the “jewel of chastity”; “stone of clear thinking and practicality; eliminates frustration; fulfills dreams

SARDONYX:  means “bliss”; good for marital happiness; fosters luck, friendship, happiness, good fortune, romance; protects the young and those who try new things; teaches us to love nature’s wild places and inhabitants

SERPENTINE: promotes good luck, happiness, and success; inspires respect for the elderly; stone of Ireland

SMOKY QUARTZ:  promotes personal pride and joy in living; its power is in strength; good for goal setting and making affirmations; improves intuition; alleviates stress and transforms fear and anger into positive energies which brings comfort and calm; stimulates a higher awareness inmeditative states

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN:  “stone of purity”; balances mind, body, and spirit; helps one recognize unnecessary patterns in ones life

SODALITE:  brings tranquility, clarity, and truth; calls out inner truth in self; lets go of controlling behavior; helps one move from the emotional to the rational

SUNSTONE:  encourages wearer to explore her potential; evokes learning; associated with fertility; dispels fears of all kinds; decreases stress, lifts depression, brings luck; increases leadership abilities

TANZANITE:  opens the heart

TIGER EYE:  brings inner peace; stimulates wealth; builds self-reliance; gives courage; helps make wise decisions; aids in sensing what is good and what is evil; has wearer open ones eyes to see our world as a child; brings color to a black and white world; stimulates wealth and maintains it; produces soothing vibrations generating a calmness to unsettled turmoil; (red)excellent stone for public oratory and presentations; enhances confidence in oneself

TIGER IRON:  brings power that is immediate and obvious ( be careful what you ask for)

TOPAZ:  “stone of fidelity”; used for failing eyesight

TOURMALINE:  “stone of hope”; uplifting; motivational stone; helps us know inner truths

TURQUOISE:  “stone of contentment”; warns wearer of danger or illness making it a lucky stone; tones and strengthens entire body; its power is in health

UNAKITE:  also known as epidote; balances emotions; treatment of reproductive system disorders; heals feelings of abandonment and separation issues

ZOISITE:  creativity booster

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