On a sun kissed island of pristine beauty,island of lavender, antique vineyards,
where the sea caresses it shores and shapes its beaches and stones,
where the history of past century's has tip toed over the island like a gentle breeze and leaving its mark,
where the smell and sigh of the true Mediterranean comes to life in it's amazing and breath taking essence.
I was born,
I grew,
Island Hvar, the jewel of the Mediterranean...
And i filled my spirit with creativity...my family's heritage...
Traveling the world, specially the far east, meeting different cultures, people and civilizations, visiting the exotic markets and artisan stone work shops my love for beautiful stones and jewelery turned on a flame and passion in me, A passion which is growing brighter and stronger by the day.
Researching about these stones and the sheer breath taking beauty of this most amazing pieces, i am trying with utmost respect to transfer this beauty into my collections.
My expression, trough my work, is to minimize the intrusion in what nature already revealed as perfection, and i am putting this together in such a form that makes it shine even brighter...
Timeless pieces in harmony with nature and its breath taking beauty.
The search for perfection is a quest that spurs me to look even deeper into my self and my soul to find the perfect match, bordering almost on alchemy...

"Timeless Pieces of my Story..."


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