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Ms & Pearl, With a unique buckle with a build in faceted ruby, rosequartz, aquamarine, iolite and periodot connected with nine strands of river pearls. ..
Unique necklace “Ocean” Grey square agate built into the buckle, the necklace is connected with five chains, and the first one is Mediterranean corral with a Silver Star then faceted iolite and labradorite with corral, river pearls and tiger-eye. ..
Unique long Moonstone necklace with a silver square buckle with three rows of faceted moonstone and a silver rose ..
Unique Amethyst & Crystal necklace, made with faceted amethyst balls with a silver pendant  out of large rock crystal and a buckle in a shape of a  letter S. ..
Unique long necklace in autumn colours with a faceted Labradorite built in a silver buckle. It is all connected with a large row of faceted Labradorite and a Agat pendant, there after four rows faceted Tourmaline and smooth polished Labradorite, black Tiger eye & Agat. ..
Unique Citrin necklace with a silver buckle and a smooth polished agat stone and faceted citrin pendant encased in silver. ..
Unique Citrin & Black Spinel necklace with a silver buckle. In the buckle have been built in three faceted Citrin stones connected with six rows of semi precious Black Spinel stones ..
Unique Corral & Turquoise necklace made with a large pendant made in a heart shape, edges decorated with a turquoise stone and corral , connected with a silver square buckle and ornamental design. ..
Unique Ebony necklace with a hand crafted silver buckle and a smooth polished agate stone, connected with eight rows of lined ebony and a silver rose. ..
Unique Garnet & Pearl necklace with a silver pendant made with a faceted semi precious stones, necklace made with river pearls with a small silver buckle and a faceted garnet. ..
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Unique krizokola necklace with a square silver buckle connected with three rows of krizokola semi precious stone and a silver pendant in a shape of a rose. ..
Unique long Amethyst & Medallion necklace with a smooth polished elongated Amethyst in built into a silver pedestal with six rows of semi precious stones of  black tiger eye, river pearls and faceted labradorite, iolite and finally an amethyst with an old medallion as a pendant. ..
Unique long carnelian neacklas with a unique silver broach in a square shape with edgings, with camelian stones in varied shapes and sizes, and silver detailing. ..
Unique long oriental necklace with hand crafted silver buckle in which is built in brown and green oval turquoise stone, it has also a designed  silvever pendant in a shape of a triangle. ..
Unique long necklace Rose & Pearl with a silver square buckle and a plethora of lined river pearls decorated with a silver rose. ..
Unique necklace made out of silver with beige and purple river pearls and a pendant made with woven brown and beige tones of the agat stone. ..
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Unique Krizopras & Butterfly necklace made with a faceted krizopras semi precious stone, with a silver butterfly and a buckle with decorated edges. ..
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